Science Magazine paid attention to the launch of

A Place for All at The Climate Science Table

The Dutch government has created an online forum where “climate experts representing the full range of views” can discuss the hottest topics in climate change. The public can provide running commentary.

The site, launched this week at, began by tackling Arctic sea ice. Three respected American climate scientists will debate the causes of sea-ice decline—global warming and natural variability lead the list—and when the Arctic Ocean could be ice-free. The scientists’ estimates “range from 2016 to the end of the 21stcentury, or even later,” a Climate Dialogue statement said.

The spread of opinion is deliberately broad. is one of several government projects the Dutch parliament has requested to “involve climate skeptics in future studies on climate change,” another statement explained. An advisory board of six scientists and a retired business executive will advise an editorial staff and “guard the neutrality of the platform,” the site says.

Science Magazine, 16 November 2012