Update 28 April 2014: Climate Dialogue summaries now online
The summary of the second Climate Dialogue discussion on long-term persistence is now online (see below). We have made two versions: a short and an extended version. We apologize for the delay in publishing the summary.

Both versions can also be downloaded as pdf documents:
Summary of the Climate Dialogue on Long-term persistence
Extended summary of the Climate Dialogue on Long-term persistence
[End update]

In this second Climate Dialogue we focus on long-term persistence (LTP) and the consequences it has for trend significance.

We slightly changed the procedure compared to the first Climate Dialogue (which was about Arctic sea ice). This time we asked the invited experts to write a first reaction on the guest blogs of the others, describing their agreement and disagreement with it. We publish the guest blogs and these first reactions at the same time.

We apologise again for the long delay. As we explained in our first evaluation it turned out to be extremely difficult to find the right people (representing a range of views) for the dialogues we had in mind.

Climate Dialogue editorial staff
Rob van Dorland, KNMI
Marcel Crok, science writer
Bart Verheggen