Update 25 February 2013: Climate Dialogue summary now online
The summary of the first Climate Dialogue discussion on the melting of the Arctic sea ice is now online (see below). We have made two versions: a short and an extended version. The discussion between the experts is now officially closed. The public comments remain open. We apologize for the delay in publishing the summary.

Both versions can also be downloaded as pdf documents:
Summary of the Climate Dialogue on Arctic sea ice
Extended summary of the Climate Dialogue on Arctic sea ice

The Arctic sea ice extent has been decreasing steadily for the past three decades. Scientists discuss the potential causes of this decrease. For practical reasons expert comments (comments by the invited scientists) are also separated from public comments. Anyone can comment. You need to subscribe once or use your own WordPress account. Public comments should be polite and on-topic and are moderated in advance.

Climate Dialogue editorial staff
Rob van Dorland, KNMI
Bart Strengers, PBL
Marcel Crok, science writer